Three Thieves – Nollywood Movie Review

Three Thieves – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Three Thieves”

From the guys that gave Sylvia comes about three thieves which informs the story of three young men (Frank Donga, Shawn Faqua and also Koye-kekere Ekun) who are frustrated by their present-day employment and wind up becoming confused at a seemingly ridiculous, high-profit thieving occupation. Things unfold and also they just may possibly be adding kidnapping into this listing of crimes they’re committing. With a comedic twist on it all, it’s really a wonder the way they end up as heroes of their day.

The first thing which you will see whenever you visit 3 Thieves is that the overall manufacturing of the film is so brilliant. The superb coloring and cinematography of the film gives the viewer a very rich seeing experience and also the screenplay is so majestic which is evident once you see the heavyweights like Abba Makama and Africa Ukoh who’re supporting it. The score as well was awesome using Michael”fact” Ogunlade cooking a good score for your film.

I am not positive if that really is Oyeka’s directorial debut but he did a marvellous job bringing this narrative to life. His interpretation and perspective are both brand new and unlike something we have seen in some time.

Apart from the total generation of the film, the characters didn’t do too poorly. Frank Donga, both Shawn Faqua and Koye-kekere Ekun have been very in their comedic ideal and also my stand out personality is Koye who’d this unassuming disposition because he shed his lines with an excellent time. The three thieves together had wonderful chemistry and that I assure you of a few chuckles.

The only (significant) drawback of Three Thieves is the plot. I recognize that the manufacturers designed to make a move different but although seeing with this film that you can not help but really feel like you’ve seen this somewhere before and you’d be erroneous. There have been many films about the misadventures of some reluctant offenders. Furthermore, 3 Thieves relies weightily on convenient coincidences which are unbelievable. Additionally, you’ll find stretches of the picture where nothing seems to be occurring so significantly so that the dude sitting down in the front of me personally required a quick doze.

A few Thieves can be actually a brand new effort at comedy and lands a couple of laughs, no matter how the excessive coincidences and improbability took out of the comedy. However, in the event that you really don’t simply take the film too badly, you must own a burst.

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