Tatu – Nollywood Movie Review

Tatu – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Tatu”

Tatu Synopsis: A mother desperate for a child brings birth because of the support of an ungodly priest but clearly, the prefer came with a huge cost.


But there was one stipulation — even Larayi needed to sacrifice the little one on her behalf twenty-first birthday. Larayi in no way had any intention of turning Tatu to Narimana so that she sent her to reside at a convent at age .

Tatu had been raised to believe she was an orphan and when she became an adult she’d questions about her desktop. She was a bit mischievous and often sneaked from their convent into a party. As her twenty-first birthday neared she had been completely unaware that Narimana was searching for her own to perform his long-awaited sacrificial ritual.

Let’s Talk. We’ve seen this story before. It truly is another person about a female that desired a young child so poorly that she made a horrible cope with a ritual priest. Conflict occurs once the priest knew that he was duped and then became adamant about reaping his talk of their agreement.

Contributing to the friction had been that Tatu was unaware of the circumstances surrounding her lifetime. She had been experiencing nightmares and she regularly heard a voice that she assumed was her mommy’s but this was just a prequel into what she had been going to manage.

In essence, this is a poisonous story of good vs evil. It turned down to some church priest going head to go with a ritual leader. It has similarities to 2013’s Bleeding Tree where”Ugomma” was also unaware of how a deal that her mum made out of a deity. Stolen being pregnant (2003) had a related premise down seriously to the dwarfs that encompassed that the ritual priest. These are all pictures that featured entanglements with ritual cults all in the title of having an infant.

How Tatu really is that a re-furbished narrative is not a gripe; it is a mere actuality that original movies are few and far in between. When the older Nollywood churned out this genre of a picture it might run from everywhere to just two to 4 hours Tatu experienced an ordinary running time according to Hollywood specifications. It was not boring by anyway and it succeeded at garnering attention thanks to performances.

Costumes and makeup bestowed authenticity while particular impacts gave a spooky advantage. There has been an unexpected sprinkle of comedy for a complete group of emotions.

Performances were all highlight, notably by Toyin Abraham who played with a woman of grief who was simply ready to sacrifice her own life to save her daughter.

The story levelled into your “happily ever after” conclusion as Tatu’s vague past unravelled in an optimistic occasion.

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