Sylva – Nollywood Movie Review

Sylva – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Sylva”

When a man ends a long term relationship with an imaginary girlfriend commit to his real-life fiancee, his lifetime is intruded upon with spiritual and obsession war.

Everything started off when Richard (Chris Attoh) was a young boy. He developed a friendship with all the imaginary Sylvia (Zainab Balogun), that he simply watched his dreams. When they awakened she handed him a red hibiscus, a sign of their relationship.

However, Richard climbed upwards, made a degree, and had a prosperous livelihood. The one thing missing has been a spouse when he satisfied Ghemisola (Ini Dima-Okojie). He broke up with Sylvia and wed Ghemisola and lifestyle seemed grand until thwarted Sylvia attempting to wreak havoc on his entire life.

Goals versus facts. Dreams as opposed to accusations. And good versus bad was that the forces in this particular story. The major character, Richard, had a spiritual connection together with Sylvia in the childhood, a lady he found while sleeping. She served a purpose in his own entire life for years as she provided relaxation and replies to his problems. But because the Bible says, when a person will become a man he puts away childish points therefore when Richard climbed up he parted ways with her. The denial brought on Sylvia’s utter anger and conclusion to both faces. Was she a friend or some sort of witch?

Sylvia has been a dream that Richard made a reality. The hibiscus blossom re-presented immortality along with the ability she had him over. She would not let him proceed ahead with no so it had been either he dwelt a miserable existence on the ground or expired to rejoin her in spirit. Either way, Sylvia was not moving away.

The narrative did not disclose what caused Richard to desire to escape reality at this a youthful age but this had been a little flaw compared to all of those additional matters which were terrific.

The songs are a thriller” although you will find amusing moments. The seminar room was most memorable when Sylvia interrupted Richard during an important presentation. He stood in front of his coworkers fighting a person only he would watch since the team peered in amazement at some guy which has been clearly losing his own mind.

At the same scene, Richard awakened his assistant. He reminded her of office”boundaries” yet he was one that spanned the line. It’s strange that some Nollywood pictures that strive humor fail miserably while this thriller succeeded at some laughs.

Performances have been top-notch and also the story may possibly perhaps not have functioned without the ability of Zainab Balogun who never merely held her as the obsessive Sylvia, however she attracted various layers to the character.

This movie was phenomenal at the feeling which it was not average Nollywood. It commenced by the ending wherever Richard had been at a psychiatric hospital also worked it backwards to show how he acquired there. It functioned having a detailed pace which exhibited the connections along with also their destructions.

The philosophy of romance from the spiritual kingdom interfering together with earthly affairs made a script that was compelling. “Sylva” transported us to a world of fantasy and tampered with our perceptions to this stage where we all too had to decipher fantasies from the truth.

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