Shine Your Eyes – Nollywood Movie Review

Shine Your Eyes – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Shine Your Eyes”

Synopsis: A Naija celebrity travels to Brazil to hunt for his estranged brother, who’s living a lifestyle very different than the person his family thought.

In African tradition much is expected of the oldest man child, hence Ikenna (Chudwudi Iwuji) had an exceptional significance in his loved ones. He proceeded from Nigeria into Brazil after which virtually vanished. From concern, his mum delivered Amadi (OC Ukege), the younger brother, to Brazil to locate him.

The moment in Brazil, Amadi struck on the roads of Sao Paulo and destiny attracted him to your notebook that Ikenna had abandoned at a mechanic centre. The road to finding Ikenna yielded roadblocks and mistruths but eventually led to his own whereabouts at which the two brothers finally came face to handle. Right after a long time of no conversation, the reunion was pleasant initially but then turned right to a collapse when family and negativity myths came to mind.

The authentic ability of a manager is the ability to definitely draw their vision to life. Obviously, the problem always becomes whether the narrative was really worth telling. Director,” Matias Mariani, successfully assembled his own imagination and ethnic insight to some very simple assumption about a man seeking his own brother. Even the cinematography let us visit the congested metropolis of Sao Paulo, an urban melting pot of sailors that were Spartan.

Literary celebrity, OC Ukege, performed with the lead function. His character’s frustrations started when he came to Brazil and didn’t speak the speech, was unknown with the land, also had no clue in which you can find his brother. Frequent sources just like the net have been employed however, his brother notebook became vital in the search.

The forces at work were Ikenna was plagued using delusional genius as he escaped ancestral hopes even though Amadi sifted by an unidentified state carrying the burden of a rumoured loved ones curse, and also the myth that he was the reincarnation of his brother.

This script may possibly happen to be a success on paper but narrative execution has been improved. This absolutely was eye-flickering slow with all most of its running time underwater in gruelling detective job that successively uncovered clues.

Spurts of entertainment and the proposal of love penetrated the outside but for the large part that the story didn’t get momentum before the last minutes of the film if Amadi’s mission was attained.

Performances have been believable whilst the picture highlighted a blend of Brazilian and African actors. OC Ukege comes with a way of wholeheartedly embracing his characters and also the exact same efforts were expressed here. Character dialogue was mostly overseas languages translated through subtitles.

“Shine Your Eyes” presented subtle intrigue and mythical appreciation told from the backdrop of town Sao Paulo. Amadi had been in quest of his brother but climactically observed himself.

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