Okafor’s Law – Nollywood Movie Review

Okafor's Law – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Okafor’s Law”

Synopsis: A stake between man friends contributes to one of them wanting to sleep with three of the ex-girlfriends over a three week period.

After sleeping together with his ex-girlfriend who was currently engaged to somebody else, Chuks, aka The Terminator (Blossom Chukwujekwu) experimented with acquiring his 2 man buddies to believe in Okafor’s Law. It truly is really a ridiculous theory that says once a person has slept with a girl, he basically has a free pass to sleep soundly along with her continuously.

Terminator guesses his friends that he can match a number of his own ex-girlfriends. His buddies picked the most troublesome decisions in Ejiro, who’d jumped off guys, Tomi, who was all about business, and Ify, that was married to some wealthy however controlling guy. Naturally, things didn’t quite turn out as planned.

Let us Talk. Boys will be boys. Another movie about the online games men plays together side the results. The lead character has been named Terminator, which has been a name that was ridiculous, but indicative of his own sexual art. He had been nothing but an immature player who watched females as sex things.

He put out to prove Okafor’s Law and why he had been in a position to flourish in a few circumstances is due regardless of the theory, some individuals are inclined to keep on having sex with some one they’re familiar with. If there has been a break-up, residual suspicions play part in sexual activity immediately after the separation. The problem will come in when somebody believes used right after the hook up because of the instance in this narrative.

The story is reminiscent of the faculty campus dramas where an individual’s sole goal is to evaluate. The under-current means that ladies are straightforward, which is offensive, but at the finish of your day it takes two to tango, and also men are easier.

The movie had a dreary start even though the assumption had been demonstrated fairly early. You will find unnecessary subplots like the people that adopted Terminator’s homeboys. Not each of the women wound up in bed with Terminator — an intelligent move in regard to writing.

It had been amazing to observe that the spouse of a few of those ladies put out to penalize Terminator for sleeping with his wife. Why is it that when there is evidence the third party is always blamed? Should it not be the person at the connection that cheated? That is who broke the assurance, right? And I am not expressing that Terminator was right because you don’t wreck with someone’s wife but to find that the partner kisses his own wife using bias and allow her to get off scot-free afterwards she cheated has been irksome.

For performances, Blossom Chukwujekwu has been the suitable fit for its part. He played with the personality well combined with Omoni Oboli that was simply very fascinating to watch for those three females.

The story was not a profound person but that’s okay as clearly the goal this would be to create something amusing and light.

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