Nimbe – Nollywood Movie Review

Nimbe – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Nimbe”

Nimbe a Nollywood movie telling the story of Nimbe (Chimezie Imo) a teenager afflicted by parental negligence, constantly being bullied by his own peers, however, discovers consolation, really like and value at a road gang he is introduced to by an older neighbour he meets by chance. Within this provider, he’s introduced to the hazardous environment of prescription drugs, hooliganism and thuggery.

Nimbe can be a societal commentary that tackles the malaise of drugs and drugs dependency and parental fail. The ethical plot Nimbe is attracted alive by some terrific acting by the personalities of which I got to single our Chimezie Imo who played with the title personality of Nimbe, I’m not certain whether I’ve seen him any pictures, however, also the boy hauled the picture very well. Additionally, Toyin and Odunlade interpreted their roles very well, even though their comedic sides popped up once in a while and I’d locate Toyin’s accent fairly suspicious.

I just like the simplicity from virtually every aspect of the picture – from the personalities, into the places and also the costuming, everything looked authentic and maybe not over the most effective. The ease also stretched to the way in which the picture was shot for example the cinematography and visual design. There were no intricacies in the visual model and presentation and this left the picture very relatable like it occurred next door. This style produced Nimbe an exact deep and high-tech movie.

However, Nimbe was not without its defects, 1 of which is the hypocrisy that highlighted prominently in the movie. Nimbe prides itself as being an ethical compass concerning societal ills like medication abuse and use, but the stark reality is the fact that while it tries to tackle those issues, ” it paradoxically was advocating another societal unwell and that is GAMBLING! It had been incredible the way in 1 breath that the film is reprimanding drug misuse afterwards from the contrary, it is praising gambling so so it showed this 1 of these suspicious characters lived happily ever after profitable a Four Million Naira jack pot. Genuinely guys??? This will be actually the situation where you obtain funding/sponsorship to the film from a gambling company and start to struggle to balance passions. This life no longer balances in any respect. LOL.

Nimbe broke one of the cardinal rules of film making of telling rather than showing the viewer the events that have transpired. It was strange the movie’s struggle resolution was reduced to merely a postscript at the conclusion of the movie. Worse still, the producers tied up the narrative between Sani Danja’s personality. Talking about postscripts, it was extremely sordid to find a typographical mistake in the spelling of”Imprisonment” in the movie at the end of the film. I’d imagine that the manufacturers will be attentive to little details such as these.

Nimbe can be really a pornographic movie concerning the societal malady of medication dependency. The plot although simple and well-worn handles to manoeuvre the message but do itself in with faulty storytelling and plot development. It Is Presently streaming on Netflix

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