Nigerian Prince – Nollywood Movie Review

Nigerian Prince – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Nigerian Prince”

Synopsis:” An American teen sent to Nigeria against his will teams up with a con artist that guaranteed him a plane ticket back home.

Eze (Antonio J. Bell) discovered himself in Nigeria contrary to his will when his mum delivered him there to become knowledgeable about his roots. He turned right into a few difficulties while backwards in the USA and he imagined he was just visiting for four weeks she learned his return was and he was expected to keep for a year.

Feeling duped, Eze contacted his dad for assistance but didn’t pan out so he gave to facilitate for his con artist cousin, Pius (Chinaza Uche). Pius needed somebody in the offence, ba (Toyin Oshinaike), and they certainly were recently detained which retained Pius awakened to some tainted officer who continuously maintained him out of prison. After ba ba backed out of the firm fully, Eze’s appetite for an area ticket arrived inconveniently for Pius’s following scheme.

Well, well, well, a movie around online design and also a teenaged attempting to return straight back into the united states. Perhaps not exactly your common narrative line and that is certainly a big also.

Eze arrived in Nigeria and instantly loathed the food, electricity troubles, as well as the fact which he needed to share a mattress with his cousins at a one-bedroom apartment free of a shower. His desire to reunite to American liberties motivated him to join forces with Pius, who gambled with his life as he resorted to numerous mistakes to keep dollars rolling. That was his profession but would he ever defraud their or her own flesh and blood? That became the crux of the narrative.

This picture was an inviting premise embellished with street savvy. It sensed true since it showcased just two contrasting characters that jelqing nicely. Even though Eze arrived at Nigeria like a fish out of water, then it had been home to Pius who had mastered the game of survival. Each needed a motive for the other but merely one came on top.

The narrative exposed the types of frauds that you can get along with how easy it is to become duped. Internet scams have been around in existence for decades plus they prey greed or someone using a gracious heart. But individuals originate from all over the world, perhaps not simply Nigeria, and they rake in tons of capital. The picture didn’t advise on how best to safeguard yourself from such practices, and it should really be ordinary sense, but curiously enough, individuals become ripped off all of the moment.

The definition of”Nigerian Prince” refers to this scams wherever someone typically posed as a member of royalty/wealth and sent a correspondence into an unsuspecting receiver attempting to obtain their banking account amount. The person of”royalty” pretends that they desire a lender to put in their luck into for”safekeeping.” The receiver is enticed with the chance of having a share of their money nevertheless should they discharge their account info, their accounts is later drained of its capital. The perpetrator may even ask an advance fee against sufferers.

Wouldn’t it’s already been story appropriate if Eze created his or her own mail strategy for money? At least his circumstances were true! He had been an American stuck in Nigeria which had a one-way ticket dwelling!

1 drawback was that the filmmakers offered a side-by-side and negative perspective of Nigeria. According to the story, there were only two boats to be in. Both you had been working and poor out a non-traditional occupation or you also were scamming your way daily everyday life. It seemed that no one might possibly be reliable, not the police, and that’s perhaps not just an excellent style to get Nigeria. Successful people who have homes and jobs were MIA, but it’s fiction and that’s in which Eze’s story took place.

The inquiry was this the offender heritage Eze’s mum delivered him to Nigeria to visit? She actually sent her son to live with a mommy who increased a thief! Plus it made sense that Pius would be a crook since adoptive mothers and fathers can on occasion turn out rebellious kids. We don’t know if Eze’s mother was oblivious into the own life of crime but we can only expect she was.

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