Love is War – Nollywood Movie Review

Love is War – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Love is War”

Love is War is a play about Dimeji (Richard Mofe-Damijo) and his spouse Hankuri (Omoni Oboli) contesting against each other for the gubernatorial chair of Ondo State.

Love is War features a very intriguing premise and it was implemented by way of a superb throw. Omoni did a great job as the initial gubernatorial applicant of this nation while R-MD gave a stellar performance because of the”first spouse”. Shaffy Bello is eloquent and refined and Damilre Kuku additionally gave a fantastic account of herself. All the personalities did amazing endeavours yanking their individual roles that after a few years you don’t even see the personalities.

A highlight of Love is War maybe your costuming which was done. Every one of the personalities wore appropriate outfits for every scene and the makeup was also well-done. I must also commend the VFX staff that did a really fantastic job, particularly within the rally scenes.

As soon as I watched the complicated premise of Love Is War, it piqued my interest because it is a rather complicated plot which may expect a bit of genius to true and execute for my pessimism, the storyline was such a thing but powerful. The plot of the movie is so farfetched that it borders on absurdity- that the whole film is situated on the premise that the husband should run contrary to his wife that his spouse can win against the election. There are a number of notions that may seem good but are therefore implausible it ostracises the audience so much so that despite the functioning of the throw, the plot didn’t come with each other. The flawed plot was evident while the producers fought to inject a little more battle by means of an exposition by Omoni’s character throughout the gubernatorial debate. This”plot spin” dropped flat and had me shaking my mind whilst the full assumption ostensibly imploded on itself. The amusing issue is that the whole plot of Love Is War could be solved having a very simple dialogue between your main characters. LOL.

What’s more, there were a few drop endings which have been firmed and were abandoned hanging. I’m wary of giving any spoilers, but I am not sure what affect Bimbo Manuel was assumed to really have. Oh! By the way, I am not certain the producers thought it a very good notion to manoeuvre a catholic church because of a protestant church. I’m certain the idea was supposed to use the joys of the church for that scene but it had been such a bad concept, more, more so the scene was so entirely irrelevant and an effort to add weight to Bimbo Manuel’s character.

Love Is War’s implausible plot has been its greatest undoing that dented the total joy of what would have really been a really good film

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