Knockout – Nollywood Movie Review

Knockout – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Knockout”

Knock out follows the hilarious frenzy which defeats the people after news of a boxing competition with a cash prize of just one Billion Naira commences to create the most rounds.

To start with, that intended the poster of this picture? This picture parades a galaxy of stars of over 20 Nollywood veterans, Instagram Skit manufacturers, and also someone thought it best to it all them at the poster. I feel the manufacturers are working to offer the retinue of celebrities as the highlight of this film mainly because there surely wasn’t anything else at the film. Knock out boasts being the most significant and funniest humor movie – yes, it may be the main, however the funniest? Nah! The storyline of the movie can be really as hollow as the synopsis above as quite honestly, the film was constructed from many skits that its tough to actually state exactly what the storyline and subplots are.

Papa Ajasco’s new humor was that the s**t back from the 80s however also to understand the publishers of that iconic magazine recycling their old comics on the major screen in 2019 is a significant pity. I have to confess that I’m not fond of this new awkward comedy in which comic strips receive laughs by making fools of these, quite the opposite it me. Nevertheless, that the producers had the audacity to go to the cinema with this picture means they possess a viewer and I’ve leant from films like Alakada re-loaded and also the enjoys there are people who can watch this film but when there are enough to its producers to turn a benefit would be just another thing altogether.

Other than the subpar plot that the generation was so feeble this you will soon be forgiven to believe that the picture was shot with an inexpensive cameraphone. I feel the producers were trying to stay true to the brand of humor by de-emphasizing snazzy productions however this only produced a bad film much worse.

Papa Ajasco along with good friends, tremendous Story along with Ikebe tremendous have been amazing straight right back in the daytime however we should have evolved to a more modern type of humor Knockout Knocked me out cold with its dull plot, execution and general feel. I respect the audacity to carry it into the big screen but knock-out has to have just remained on their own WAP’s terrestrial TV.

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