Iyawo Obun – Yoruba Movie Review

iyawo obun Movie Review

Yoruba Movie Review – “Iyawo Obun”

Iyawo Obun is a Yoruba movie and the story of Rotimi (Femi Adebayo), a young man residing abroad who falls in love with Shope (Mide Martins) that he meets in his father’s birthday celebration. He does not wait to get close to the lady but proposes to her online, believing that she’d satisfy every of his criteria. Things become awry when they marry and start to live together as man and wife. Shope makes Rotimi go through hell in the world due to her dirty habit.

In love with his spouse and prepared to do all within his means to restore normalcy to their relationship, Rotimi employs the services of Dora (Tayo Adeniyi) to present as his fan in order to threaten Shope into submission. This however backfires and Rotimi learns the hard way that his strategy is not the best available option.


Subject Matter: It is often stated that cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s also a fact that the majority of men can’t stand living in a filthy environment, a fact that is expertly presented within this movie.

Picture Quality: The video is crystal-crisp. There isn’t any breach of quality from begin to finish.

Audio: Much like the image quality, the sound quality is also superb. There’s no requirement of straining to hear what a character is saying.

Costume: The costume of each character is acceptable for their role at each stage in time. The component of Shope being filthy is nicely played, to the point of nausea. The’dapper’ part also is all lovely.

Believability: The storyline is totally believable and relatable. No role is out of place or incredible.

1 way the movie fell short is through the nature of Dora the crook. Her function at the close of the film is exaggerated, for example when she blurts out that she isn’t pregnant after the sum of 3 Million Naira has been transferred to her accounts. Even though it’s understandable that that is meant to be a form of a denouement, but the strategy is a bit out of place. What if, for instance, the Police is known as on her?

Iyawo Obun is a Myde Film Production job Made by Myde F.M. Abiodun and led by Afeez Abiodun.

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