Isoken – Nollywood Movie Review

Isoken – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Isoken”

A Nigerian girl weary of pressure to wed suddenly includes just two males to select from — a black man and also a reporter that is white.

At a culture in which marriage is likely to Isoken (Dakore Akande) was only fine together with her single status at age thirty-four. This was thanks for her mum playing matchmaker that she achieved Osaze (Benjamin Joseph).

Osaze has been a dream — handsome, unmarried, and successful. They’d instantaneous chemistry and also both spent time with each other. But Isoken achieved Kevin (Marc Rhys), a white male she had been unexpectedly attracted to. As she had been getting cosy with Kevin,” Osaze, unaware of some contest, popped the question. Naturally, tradition played with a hand plus Isoken moved along with the participation to Osaze. However, her heart just wasn’t correct…as it fluttered at the thought of all Kevin.

Oh, oh where, could people be without romance? That really is another picture concerning the time bomb we hope won’t burst just before we find somebody to marry. Fight personality, Isoken, after having a long dry spell, suddenly experienced two adult males to select from. The effortless decision will be to pick the person of her race but she founded her choice about personality — her very own.

For too much time, Isoken experienced to endure comments about maybe not having a guy and buckling to the strain would have become the weak route to go. She needed to find real with her feelings which ultimately led her down the appropriate route.

When spending some time with Kevin, the two noticed that they had things in ordinary. He left her to feel that she would be himself and she also appreciated her normal hair. Together with Osaze, he made her believe that she needed to dress. When she watched him wore cosmetics, a decent dress, as well as a wig to pay her tight natural locks.

Must black women be perfect so as to entice black men? Or is that anxiety which people’ve placed on ourselves? Could there be some truth to white men appreciating black ladies more than black men really do? There was a few hinting in this. Regardless of a fact, out of what I can say, the darker a woman’s complexion, the better, when it comes to white guys. And that’s trendy, however, maybe not everyone gets adjusted to dating outside the own race. For instance, the scene where Isoken declared to her loved ones that Kevin was whitened was such a shocker. The silence in the area was suggestive which interracial relationship has some way to proceed regarding approval although you’ll find countless of interracial marriages across the globe.

The optimal/optimally dialogue was once Isoken’s father advised her to create conclusions based mostly on her very own enjoyment; not others. To get married only for looks attractiveness would be disingenuous. I don’t understand about you but that I don’t do imitation happy. Homie doesn’t play date. We can’t live for other folks; we all can only stay for God.

However, the picture wasn’t totally concerning race. It really is an easy-breezy rom-com where a lady needed to decide between heritage and authentic love. Honestly, the relationships were not profound; they merely served narrative lineup functions. There were additional sub-plots and also”woman chat” where the women kicked it on guys. One woman said that a union isn’t a small business but if you consider it, it’s. Relationship legalizes relationships as well as for anybody who believes the union is not a business enterprise, try obtaining a divorce lawyer. Additionally, it will come to be painfully clear as it is about resources, financial institution accounts, and custody arrangements.

The cast has been rounded out with all commendable actors and also the chemistry between Dakore and Joseph Benjamin had an authentic spark. I’m not sure Marc Rhys has been the best match but I’m an advocate of varied projecting. The feel of the film is one to talk around because it exuded such pride in the civilization together with an attractive cast.

“Isoken” raised a relevant topic about interracial dating but regrettably, it failed to handle the challenges of this. The stares, misconceptions, and stereotypes would’ve made a much far more forward script. Hmm, now there are a few articles for a sequel! Also, the marriage by the ending wasn’t Isoken’s!! Were not the picture regarding her not getting wed? Nevertheless, this was not the thorough adore story however, it does dent for reminding us to think outside the package.

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