Gaslight – Nollywood Movie Review

Gaslight – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “GasLight”

Gaslight is a film about a youthful guy, Femi, whose mother and father deny because of him to marry the woman he really likes, Lamide. They arrange for him to enter mutually beneficial marriage to your girl, Wami in the equally prestigious friend. 36 months into the union, Femi and also Lamide end up in the same space again and again… well all of us understand this one goes.

Granted, the debut of this inspection may have been a touch overly intense. I attract on the comparison though as the debut with this film maintains so much more compared to the picture is able to ultimately send. Out of a throw such as Heavyweights such as Arukwe, Titiloye, Ademoye and also Eno, into the production quality of the film, you start with very significant anticipations. Those expectations aren’t completely dashed (that is not”The CEO and I”); yet, in the end, the film ends up becoming like every other film but using slightly superior production quality and way more striking performers.

At the movie, when Femi and Wami simplify the scene three decades after you really have a lot of hope for all these characters. They truly are adorable newlyweds and therefore are simple to root for. Therefore when Femi meets Lami you again end up yelling at the monitor hoping he quits until it really is also late. For instance, if they match, you wind up shouting at Femi”you’re MARRIED”. He claims to her that they need to grab up. BUT YOU ARE MARRIED. They intend to meet up again so she could buy tops. SHIRTS KWA? SHEY You Realize You’re MARRIED. If she chooses up the tops he’s asking her jamb concerns about her mood. OH BOY, Require I MENTION That You’re MARRIED? He then offers todo precisely the suggestion because of her… UNCLE, HOW MANY TIMES SHALL I TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE IN A BLOODY CIVIL UNION! However, despite the many warnings, things go how you would be expecting… however, not entirely so.

The performances and also the leadership of those performers is just about the ideal part. Eben-Ezer Eno uttered my heart inside this picture especially in the scene where she discovers the reality. Her centre break has been palpable, physical and gut-wrenching. Uzor Arukwe as our buff boy is forever easy to adore. He is eloquent in front of this camera. And now Bimbo Ademoye might actually pull an Olivia Pope for you and let you start rooting for’one other woman’.

All in all, gas-light can be really a cute watch. It starts off very exciting. however, it soon dissipates out of a potential status as cream of this crop to cannon-fodder. There exists a lot of scenes that are so prolonged and the comparatively surprising conclusion could not quite save.

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