Elevator Baby – Nollywood Movie Review

Elevator Baby – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Elevator Baby”

A spoiled rich guy becomes stuck in an elevator having a loud mouth pregnant woman also panics when she moves into labour.

Dare Williams (Timini Egbuson), dwelt the party life — late night, drinking, as well as also women. He had been wealthy because of his own mommy’s generous allowance but if she became tired of his insecurities and irresponsible behaviour she stopped funding him.

Luckily, Dare was a faculty graduate plus he decided to seek employment. One day when departing a meeting got on an elevator with a pregnant girl he’d exchanged words earlier. The lift and if they were stuck, the lady went to labour putting Dare in a posture to send her own baby.

The storyline is also pretty easy. We’ve got a loaded guy stuck onto an elevator using an amazing pregnant girl of small ways. They started out to the wrong foot since she had unintentionally spilt a soft drink on him sooner. They met back on the way out and worries rose as they have trapped with each other and she moved right into labour.

This play happened around a while when Dare did actually beat odds with everybody in his own life. He had been high in himself and the situation he struck provided the humility he wanted. It was that the man he’d the most peculiar relationship together with — his stepfather, was the person that came into his aid.

The narrative was actually anaemic but still managed to be engaging thanks to demonstrations. It succeeded in creating laughs because it had lots of humorous moments. Dare’s a reaction to the unexpected ordeal provided nearly all of the comedy as he unexpectedly went from party boy into the doctor.

The problem with all the picture was that it was unbelievable. For example, if Abigail (Toyin Abraham) went to labour, Dare called everyone he understood with the exception of the authorities, ambulance, or fire department! Who does this? If somebody is stuck in an elevator plus they’re lucky enough to have cellphone assistance, the sensible issue to do is call first responders! And exactly the same holds for that building staff. They maintained calling a guy from your maintenance section like he was not the only person on the planet who might fix the problem.

Making matters worse was that the conversation concerning the design of the infant. Was this really a subject of debate throughout this kind of urgent situation? After which Abigail made a confession about the way her infant was siphoned. C’mon today, indeed? Therefore contrived. In addition, the making supposedly had two backup generators plus also they both didn’t do the job? But in Nigeria wherever you can find power difficulties? Hmm…

Dare was able to deliver the infant but one has to wonder how many months was Abigail pregnant. Fifteen? That has been clearly one big newborn! And you would think all things considered that trauma the filmmakers would show us how Dare and Abigail had been ultimately rescued. But instead, the picture cut into the spectacle whereby Abigail had been at the hospital recovering.

The story ended on a joyful note because Dare revived his friendships and also formed a bond with his estranged stepfather.

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