Dirty Beauty – Nollywood Movie Review

Dirty Beauty – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Dirty Beauty”

“Dirty Beauty” follows the narrative of some set of twins (Alexx Ekubo and also Mercy Macjoe) who did not understand their father for several years. Eventually, they found who their dad is, and had to struggle with their measure sister because of his interest.

The twins’ step-sister (Onyii A-Lex ) can be just a spoilt brat who caused the passing of their father (Tony Umez) later he grabs her at the act of lesbianism.

The story is also an interesting person, the writer tried to weave several stories into a beautiful storyline plus it functioned. A drunk dress yells with another woman on his mentor’s eve, discovers out after that she’d twins for him. The man twin’s fiancee comes to work in his residence as a maid thus the discovery is made. His spoilt daughter out of his union practices lesbianism, on detecting that, he brings nearer to his own long lost twins.

A few of those celebrities attracted inside their a Game. Onyii Alexx depicted the spoilt brat lesbian who always gets what she would like. Rachel Oniga gave a face towards the bad character who had to single-handedly raise her own kids. Mercy Macjoe properly depicted the ghetto increased female that knows just how to defend himself.

Just because the celebrities in this picture strove to bring their a game, ” there were dry scenes, Alexx Ekubo’s rapid acceptance of these father calmed the anticipated reaction. There was very little chemistry among Alexx Ekubo along with his presumed fiancee from the movie.
The graphic quality with this movie is way from being flawless, several moments had insufficient light.

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