Cold Feet – Nollywood Movie Review

Cold Feet – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Cold Feet”

Synopsis: A couple takes a spontaneous holiday where the wife runs within an old fire that she is still very drawn to.

It absolutely was Omoye’s birthday (Joselyn Dumas) and her spouse, Mayowa (Jim Iyke) astonished her using a jaw-dropping trip to a hotel. She had been unwilling at early as duty called but her chef allowed her off the hook to get a couple of days.

Whilst in the hotel Mayowa (Jim Iyke) fulfilled Tare (Enyinna Nwigwe) though ordering drinks. The two men struck up a conversation along with Tare confided that he was going to propose to Temi (Beverly Naya), his girlfriend. But that all fell by the wayside when Tare recognized Omoye (Joselyn Dumas) in the swimming.

Tare (Enyinna Nwigwe) and Omoye (Joselyn Dumas) needed a brief but torrid affair five decades ago which Omoye unexpectedly ended. Upon meeting again, their emotions promptly resisted producing Tare’s urge to rekindle the partnership. Although Omoye confessed she had been wed, the two managed a few stolen moments which, driven Omoye to question her marriage.

Let’s Talk. Love or lust? Does a partnership have both? Effectively, perhaps not in such a story. Here we really have a wed female who had the hots on the ex-lover — some man who had been on the verge of suggesting to someone else. Omoye (Joselyn Dumas) was tempted by him due to the fact he brought on part of her her husband did not. The sexual chemistry caused a stir that you had to stop before the injury was done to all their own relationships.

The picture had a slow and cold beginning. A great deal of the conversation was boring and dry and forced the setup up to feel to be an hour. Actually, it almost was an hour or so. It felt like we’re eavesdropping on ordinary people (non-celebrities) in the place of seeing with a buildup of an intriguing story in the future.

Lastly, there was a turn of occasions in which Tare informed Omoye just two words –“pool-side. Mid Night.” This was their very first rendezvous and it had been important because the crowd might get to see exactly what they shared. The trouble has been their passion has been also lukewarm. Their back story was slow to emerge, also in spurts, which left if hard to trigger for them.

Yet, there was a compatible synergy amongst them — way greater than they had together with their current mates. They looked good collectively with all the remaining couples that looked mismatched but it worked for narrative reasons.

The issue of your day became lust or equilibrium? Steamy gender or perhaps a purposeful romance? These were the issues Omoye needed to toy with while she performed her marriage. Obviously, the sexual chemistry has been missing in her union also it tempted her to cheat. Could a good relationship possess sexy gender as well? This is the target although it doesn’t always take place in life. Since those adult males had something different did not, Omoye had to decide which was important.

Speaking of decisions, the question of whether Tare would wind up getting Temi (Beverly Naya) was debatable. Why could he ever be having a female which he certainly didn’t love enough? It really is far better to be single and also wait patiently to be with another choice. A fake”thankfully” in testimonies should be avoided. The author gave that the viewer no more cause to trust within their partnership.

The acting was the core of the motion picture. Jim Iyke took command of his personality and he’d the best moment if he realized his wife may be cheating. The remaining throw introduced their character’s emotions well also.

So, in case you watch this movie in case you haven’t already? It wasn’t perfect but it’s a decent story that explored temptation.


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