Chief Daddy – Nollywood Movie Review

Chief Daddy – Nollywood Movie Review

Nollywood Movie Review – “Chief Daddy”

Synopsis:” Following the unforeseen passing of the wealthy businessman, his family members, team, and acquaintances huddle at his home to his very last will and testament.

Chief Daddy (Taiwo Obileye), a commonly successful man, unexpectedly died after supper in the table. He had been found from the house assistance and word soon spread he passed. Those who were called in his will be known as to fulfil in his dwelling. Besides staff and family, the meeting consists of mistresses and illegitimate children that caused a little friction.

But until the will had been read, the inheritance needed to stick to some codicil that assigned each of them a duty in organizing his funeral. Most importantly, it called for everyone to get along — a major obstacle due to the circumstances.

Let’s Talk. Cash. It is inclined to bring out our”a game” whether it’s for a job, loan, or gift. In this story, the lighting at the end of the tunnel proved to be a sizable inheritance but merely if all of the might get together in peace to set up a funeral. With numerous promising a bit of the pie it was more scandalous than peaceful.

You will find lots of personalities, backstories, and scenarios that made the narrative somewhat more difficult towards the point where I believed this picture will windup within my”Eject” bin. Characters talked at the same moment, yelled at one another, and occasionally it had been tricky to grasp exactly what these had been expressing. There were also instances once they talked in the native dialect of course if filmmakers are hunting Egyptian audiences they need to supply subtitles for non-English dialogue.

The most incredible scene was that the only in which the staff found that the chief dead. Contacting the ambulance should have come way sooner especially in the other staff who only stood instead of lending a helping hand. Weren’t they help? This scene should have been serious since the remainder of the movie has been readily available for comedy.

Of course, it was all about the money just as the majority of counted their talk ahead of the will was really read. Even vendors who have been employed for dinner services watched a chance to over-charge the family. It seemed the chief was dead than he was living.

The individual component in the narrative was that the appointed inheritance needed to be more confessed. Many had been women that he amuses kids having and being called concubines and illegitimate caused a stir. The primary wife experienced to take care of his abrupt passing together with his transgressions whether they were prior to this union.

“Chief Daddy” certainly wasn’t an original narrative however, the filmmakers threw into a funeral like no other. The motto was to celebrate life rather than mourning a loss. The ladies have been dressed up in colours they believed to be the primary favourite and also they expressed themselves in dance, decided not to become ignored. Very entertaining!

Femi (fellow rapper Falz), who was among the chief’s sons,” utilized the funeral for a platform to display his rapping knowledge. I mean, who raps in a funeral? A little cray but hey, Kanye raps in church services maybe it’s maybe not really strange. “Before you talk to me personally, who is your dad?”

Ebony LiFe movies have bent for enormous productions and this was cut out of an identical fabric. After an hour and thirty-six minutes of viewing a dead man’s lifetime unfold, the story compels us to ponder exactly what exactly will we leave behind besides assets?

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